A 95-year-old model is the internet’s latest fashion sensation.


Ernestine "Ernie" Stollberg first appeared on the fashion scene in promotional shots for the concept store Park in Austrian capital Vienna.


And the chic gran has been gaining recognition since then, even appearing in the fashion bible Vogue.


The elderly lady is now famous in her home city for her social media pictures wearing the avant-garde Park label.


A gallery of fashion pictures shows outlandish images including Ernie with a heron, covered in handbags and sticking out her tongue.


The former revue dancer has always been a fan of posing in front of the camera.


But she went in to the Park store simply to pet the owners’ dog. Shop bosses Markus Strasser and Helmut Ruthner spotted her photogenic potential and turned her into a star.


For Park, Ernie poses in unusual looks, but she admits that they would be "too extreme" for her everyday life. She says: "I would not wear that on the street".


But with a growing follower count about to top the 10,000 mark, plenty of people like what they see when Ernie models the high-fashion outfits, so perhaps she should consider wearing one for a trip outside.

CEN / Instagram
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Author: Iva Buchkovska

Iva Buchkovska
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