A mum and son were left devastated after a newspaper wrongly printed the lottery numbers making them think they had hit a whopping 51-million-GBP jackpot.


Jens Neumann and his mum Hildrud thought they had struck gold - bagging the 60-million-Euro (51-Million-GBP) jackpot - after all of their numbers were printed as the winners in a local newspaper.


But they were soon left bitterly disappointed when the newspaper had to admit to printing the wrong line of numbers and they realised they were not going to be multi-millionaires.


The incident happened in Malchow, a small municipality in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in northern Germany this week.


Ironically German newspaper "Berliner Kurier" printed the wrong numbers on 1st April - April Fool's Day - but it was a genuine mistake, rather than a prank.


Instead of writing the winning numbers as drawn over the weekend, a printing error resulted in the previous week's numbers being repeated in the rag.


Jens said dejectedly: "Our family never had much luck in life, and I said to myself, why should we have any luck now?"


The newspaper has since apologised for the error.

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Author: Iva Buchkovska

Iva Buchkovska
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