A top Russian official has become an unlikely sex symbol after posting selfies on social media showing off her hot body.


Maria Zakharova, 41, is the Director of the Information and Press Department at Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


She is one of Russia's most often quoted diplomats and was last year included in the BBC's list of the world's top 100 most influential women.


So she raised eyebrows when she posted a photo on her social media page showing her wearing tiny shorts and a loose peach-coloured top at the gym.


Mrs Zakharova wrote: "Every morning should be cheery because of a gym work out."


It is not the first time that she has shown off her fantastic figure online.


Mrs Zakharova previously posted a selfies of herself in figure-hugging sportswear and in glamorous outfits including a short black miniskirt.


Online viewers were surprised to see such a powerful woman clearly enjoying showing off her good looks online.


And it certainly made a change from the sober business suits that she normally wears for her interviews and appearances on TV talk shows.


Netizen ‘rachid_malmyzh_nasrutdinov’ said: "Great job Maria! A healthy spirit only lives in a healthy body."


And ‘mikhailkondrashov’ added: "Amazing shape that shows how much work has been done before. All the haters should urgently follow the suit and start working out."


Mrs Zakharova became the first women to hold her post when she was appointed in 2015.


She was criticised last November for joking on Russian television that the US election results were the result of a Jewish conspiracy.

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