A man has been jailed for 19 years after he brutally beat his girlfriend so bad she jumped out of a building to get away from him and was left with life changing injuries.


The unnamed victim had been brutally slapped and punched by her boyfriend in the attack which happened in the couple's home in the city of Polanco, in the northern Spanish region of Cantabria in front of the pair's three-year-old son back in May 2015.


Terrified that he would kill her, the woman jumped from the window to escape, but landed badly and has been left disabled for the rest of her life.


The cruel man spotted she was badly injured on the ground, but left her for dead - instead taking a nap, because he was so intoxicated.


And this week Spanish judges decided the man was so callous in his attack that he must spend almost two decades behind bars.


Judges from the Provincial Court of Cantabria sentenced him to 19 years and 5 months of prison after he was found guilty of a charge of aggression and assault.


He was also slapped with a restraining order, banning him from having any contact with either her or the boy.


He was also ordered to pay her 792,702 EUR (662,409 GBP) in compensation and 18,900 EUR (15,793 GBP) to his son, who it was heard is suffering from psychological effects.


The man, identified with the initials of R.M.S, started his relationship with the unnamed woman in 2009 who said he even beat her while she was pregnant with his child.


She told the court how on the fateful day of her accident he had arrived home drunk and dragged her out of the bed she was sleeping in, in her son's room.


She said he threatened to kill her in the unprovoked attack and so she took a desperate chance with the window, which ended up leaving her badly injured.


She said: "When I spotted he was approaching to me as a mad man I jumped down in order to save myself."


She called police from the spot she was laying in herself.


Hauntingly, she told the court how her three-year-old refused to leave his mum's side, believing that if he did so his dad would kill his mum.


She said: "He told me 'I am going to pee here because if I go he is going to kill you', and he kept saying ‘do not kill mum, do not kill mum.’"


The woman is now paraplegic.

CEN/La Sexta
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Author: Ana LaCasa Martinez

Ana Lacasa Martinez has been a freelance reporter and correspondent covering Spain and South America for eight years, and has worked for many UK nationals including the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and the Sun. She is completely fluent in both Spanish and English, and is also an experienced news photographer.
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