Live Bird Found Glued To Wall In Cruciform Position.


The great kiskadee (Pitangus sulphuratus) was found stuck to a wall of the city of Buga, in the western Colombian department of Valle del Cauca, as if it had been been crucified.


Though unable to move, it was still alive.


Local government workers prised it off the wall with some difficulty. The bird, which lost some feathers during the rescue operation, was transferred to a vet’s clinic to recover.


Francisco Ossa, the environmental engineer who attended the scene, said: "It is very sad people are able to torture this small animal that cannot defend itself. It was totally stuck there as they used a strong glue."


Albeiro Aguilar Varela, a technician who also attended, said "It was a kind of industrial glue. The bird has its feathers totally stuck and the skin is very irritated."


Authorities are now hunting the culprits. It was not clear whether they were treating the Christian imagery of the crime as significant.


Animal activist Ivan Dario Guerrero said: "It is not fair that heartless people attack defenceless animals in this way."


The great kiskadee is common in rural and open areas in South America. It usually lives in trees, especially near water and is one of the most common birds in residential areas.


Those convicted of cruelty to animals in Colombia face between three and eight years in prison, as well as a big fine.

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Author: Martina Salas

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