A cat was rescued after three days stuck up a telegraph pole.


The black cat climbed the pole in the village of Kosulino in central Russia's Sverdlovsk Oblast region.


Locals saw it there and thought it would eventually work out how to climb down again.


But when after three days the animal was still ten metres up the pole, at the top near some cabling, one called an animal rescue organisation.


Volunteer Evgeny Yankov arrived and had to use special climbing equipment to reach the trapped feline.


He put the rescued cat in a bag but had some difficulty on the way down as the frightened animal started trying to claw its way out.


Mr Yankov said: "I do not want to live the cat in the street. I will take him to a clinic in the city of Yekaterinburg."


Mr Yankov also said that the cat would have stay in the clinic until the owners can be found.


It was not thought to have suffered any injuries beyond being hungry and thirsty thanks to its long stay up the telegraph pole.


Russia uses the usual system of implanted microchips containing pets’ owners’ contact information but it was not reported whether this particular cat had been microchipped.

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Author: David Rogers

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