Firefighters had to be called out after a woman got her hand stuck in a drain for more than two hours after trying to pick up a dropped 50 EUR (41.80 GBP) banknote.


The woman was trying to retrieve the banknote which had been dropped by her boyfriend near the famous Comb of the Wind open air sculptures in the city of San Sebastian in the northern Spain's Basque Country.


The man's arms were too big to reach through the gaps in the stone drain cover so the woman tried to squeeze her arm through to reach the cash but soon found that she was stuck.


Her boyfriend called the fire service but the rescue operation proved far from straightforward.


Firefighters first tried using soap to make the woman's arm slippery but that did not work so specialist cutting equipment had to be brought in to cut through the granite cover of the drain.


In the end it took more than two hours before the woman, whose name has not been released, was freed.


Fire brigade spokesman Asier Habans said: "Many of the drain covers in this area are made out of granite.


"The woman was wearing metal bracelets that prevented her from pulling her arm out again, and then her arm became swollen making it even more difficult.


"To begin with, the woman was very quiet but after an hour and a half, when she was still stuck, she started to get a bit overwhelmed.


"This type of incident is not so common, but it does sometimes happen among children. This case was more difficult as we needed to cut the stone."


There was one piece of good news for the couple. Once the firefighters had cut through the stone cover, the boyfriend was easily able to retrieve his banknote.


The Comb of the Wind is a collection of three huge sculptures by the artist Eduardo Chillida arranged as an architectural work by architect Luis Pena Ganchegui.

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Author: Ana LaCasa Martinez

Ana Lacasa Martinez has been a freelance reporter and correspondent covering Spain and South America for eight years, and has worked for many UK nationals including the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and the Sun. She is completely fluent in both Spanish and English, and is also an experienced news photographer.
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