An angry wife has shamed her Muslim husband after he divorced her over WhatsApp after less than three weeks together.


Furious Badar Ibraheem says she and husband Mudasir Ahmed Khan had spent just 20 days with each other before he left her at home in Hyderabad, Pakistan, to work in Saudi Arabia.


The university graduate told local media: "He was initially good with me and everything was fine and we were regularly in touch."


But after she tried to move into her in-laws' house - by local tradition - she was barred and found herself divorced on social media.


Using Muslim religious law, Khan's WhatsApp message declared Taliq - or divorce - three times which means that the marriage is over.


The message read: "I Mudasir Ahmed Khan gave you triple Talaq and removed you from the wedlock."


It went on: "You will soon receive the official divorce declaration paper from my end and please do not bother to come to Saudi."


Badar says she only realised she was being divorced when she tried to move into his parents' home last September, seven months after their wedding.


She told local media: "My father-in-law locked my room and asked me to go away saying my husband has divorced me."


She added: "My in-laws did not specify any reasons and just asked me to leave the house and they evicted me from the house."


Although Talaq divorces are legal in Pakistan, police are investigating the split after Badar filed a complaint against her husband.


Last month, a 38-year-old man was arrested for cheating his wife by giving her Talaq via a post card within eight days of them being married.

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Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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