A man locked his wife, disabled daughter and grandchildren inside their house for nine years and raped the daughter it is alleged.


Miguel Ubaldo Reynoso, 55, is believed to be the father of his own grandchildren aged 11 and five after raping his disabled daughter Joana, now 25.


His crimes were discovered when his son Brian Reynoso, 24, who lives elsewhere, visited the house in the town of Canuelas in the eastern Argentina province of Buenos Aires.


Finding it locked but with his mother and other relatives inside, he broke down the door and rescued them.


His father was arrested in the nearby city of Florencio Varela, to where he fled after his dark secret was found out, and his mother Marcela Alejandra de Este told police of the horror she had suffered for almost a decade.


She said the ordeal began nine years ago when she reported her husband for sexually abusing their disabled daughter Joana, then 16.


The eldest grandchild being 11 suggests that her husband’s sexual abuse of Joana started at least two years before then, if as suspected he is the child’s father.


She added that the incarcerated family had only been allowed a tin to use as a toilet and had been threatened with death if they told neighbours or relatives what was happening to them.


After the rescue, Joana was transferred to the nearby Marzetti hospital because she had pains in her abdomen and was told she was pregnant.


The nature of her disability was not reported.


Marcela de Este told police that her daughter said to her some months ago that her father had raped her in a bathroom.


Miguel Ubaldo Reynoso has been charged with offences including kidnapping and coercion. The investigation is ongoing.

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