A five-year-old child is laying claim to the title of World's Most Beautiful Boy.


Justin Bieber allegedly envies the looks of Ryan Rodriguez and his mother can barely get the shopping done because of the number of people who stop her in the street demanding to take a snapshot of her photogenic son.


He once won a competition honouring him with the World's Most Beautiful title and is a star on social media.


His mother Sandra attributes his drop-dead good looks to his "Serbian genes" and says that ever since he was two he has had a keen sense of fashion.


Sandra, a professional photographer in Serbia, managed through her contacts to get his face to stand out from the crowd and she is always looking for new opportunities to showcase him.


"That is why we are great together - he loves to pose, and I am his personal photographer," Sandra explained.


Three years later, Ryan remains one of the most famous boys on social media thanks to his fashion sense and relaxed pose before the camera.


"People notice him wherever he shows up and have strong positive reactions. They like the way he is dressed, his haircut. They stop him in the street to ask him if they can take a picture together," revealed Sandra.


"Ryan is amazed every time he sees one of his photos."


Such beauty has garnered him 133,000 social media followers - and, says Sandra, more shoes than her.


His social media profile is run by his mother, who describes his fashion adventures in Serbian for his faithful fans.

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