A man won a beauty contest staged by a lingerie firm after his girlfriend helped him transform himself into a stunningly beautiful woman.


Anthony Nagorny, 20, put on make up and had his long hair styled before putting on some of his girlfriend's sexiest underwear for the contest.


He won first prize - but then had it taken away from him when the organisers of the online contest realised that he was really a man.


The male student's amazing transformation had bowled over judges of the competition in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in south-eastern Russia's Sakhalinsk Oblast region.


His girlfriend, whose name has not been reported, helped him with his hair and make-up, and chose the four photos he sent in to enter the contest.


Lingerie firm manager Zhanna Stolpovskaya said: "This boy looked very much like a girl. As pics were free to upload, he decided to participate too."


Mr Nagorny, a student at Sakhalin University, entered the competition, run by a local chain of lingerie stores, under the alias of Ms Avocado.


But as soon as the judges found out the truth they withdrew his prize - a photoshoot with a professional photographer.


Instead, they chose three female contestants to share the prize.


But it seems that Mr Nagorny's amazing photographs have a life of their own, going viral after being shared on social media.


Netizen ‘Aleksey Popov’ said: "Idiots. Now he can easily sue them for gender discrimination. And you might have thought that only women get discriminated…"


And ‘Charlie Russell’ added: "They are so full of sh*t. Why wouldn’t they announce gender requirements from the very start? Or give the main prize to the owner of the chain."

CEN/Fedor Tokarev
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