Fans of the pregnant wife of Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic posted a picture of her walking her two dogs Pjer and Tesla.


In the picture - posted on Instagram by "Lovers of Jelena Djokovic" - the pregnant Jelena looks blooming in a plaid shirt, leggings, white sneakers and a hat.


The photo was reportedly snapped in Monte Carlo where her husband was participating in the principality's tennis tournament, the masters.


While he battled it out on the court, she was clearly the victor in the court of public opinion.


Neitizen ‘deema’ commented: "You are all beautiful."


Suzana said: "You are gorgeous."


Mila added: "Very natural and sweet!"


Djokovic played at the Monte Carlo Masters for the first time after recovering from an elbow injury.


Earlier this year the duo were caught in a classic married couple bickering session on Facebook Live after the pair mistakenly thought the broadcast had finished.


Jelena was filming Djokovic as he trained for the BNP Paribas Open in February and, as the training session finished, Djokovic, 29, walked toward the camera thanking his fans for watching.


Then the 12-time Grand Slam winner strolled over toward his wife and took the camera from her hands, saying that it was 'more intimate' if he held the recorder.


"No, I like to get near the camera so it makes it feel more intimate, more friendly," Djokovic says as his wife starts to back away.


She let him finish his kind words before asking her husband: "Where are your manners, huh?


"‘Thank you, love, thank you.' Isn't that the correct way to say it?"


Jelena then looks down at her phone and realises that the camera was still filming on Facebook Live before she swiftly ended the broadcast.

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