Gruesome animal cruelty has been discovered as a living chicken was found thrown away in a rubbish container after being tortured.


The animal abusers have cut away the poor animals’ comb and scalped the bird as well.


The traumatised chicken was found in a rubbish container in Dortmund, in the middle of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


The German organisation for animal protection Arche 90 was made aware of the incident by the police and rushed to the scene. The animal activists said: "The brown chicken was freed from its’ predicament and immediately brought to a vet."


Arche personnel also slammed the cruel act, saying: "The animal had been scalped, it had a wound the size of a 2 Euro coin on its’ head, and the skull was visible underneath."


The chicken remained at the vet, where, first of all, it was fed and given the necessary medicine. "The maltreated animal will rest from its’ wounds in a foster home," reports Arche 90.


Charges for animal abuse have been pressed, as it is assumed that the wounds were inflicted intentionally and the animal was deliberately disposed of.


In addition Arche 90 has offered a reward of 500 EUR (417 GBP) for anyone who comes forth with any clues that would lead to the capture of the abuser or abusers.

CEN / arche90
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