A glamorous blonde bank manager has been accused of stealing more than 14 million GBP from some of her most famous clients.


The woman, named only as Anna R., 34, worked for a branch of the Lanta Bank in the centre of the Russian capital city of Moscow.


She has been arrested and placed under house arrest while investigators continue to probe an alleged scam which they say involves the theft of at least one billion RUB (14 million GBP).


There were more than 20 victims including key figures in the city's cultural scene such as famous actors, rock stars and theatre directors.


Anna R., who has been dubbed the 'blonde for a billion' by Russian media, allegedly falsified documents to steal money from her famous clients' deposit accounts.


Police say that she worked with accomplices to prepare fake documents and powers of attorney to move cash into accounts that she controlled.


Anna R. was arrested at her home, when she was spending time with family, and is now confined to her two-bedroom flat under house arrest.


Investigators believed there were about 20 victims but another ten people have since reportedly made complaints to the police.


Boris Dyachenko, 64, a famous Russian theatre actor, confirmed: "My lawyer is working on the matter. Yes, I am indeed one of the victims."


Sergey Chekrizhiv, pianist for popular rock band Neschatniy Sluchay (Unfortunate Accident), said: "Lanta Bank has made a move and many people already got the money back. I am one of these."


The case has captured the imagination of Russians and sparked a lively debate online.


Netizen ‘Vasya Abissintsev’ said: "I bet a woman like her will become someone’s lover if she does get jailed", while 'Maria Ermakova’ added: "And still people like to say that blondes are stupid…"

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