A heavily pregnant woman is said to have been brutally murdered by her own family in a row over her leaving her husband.


The woman, who was seven months gone and has been named as Sharmila, was forced into an arranged marriage despite telling her family she was already in love with someone else.


They rejected her wish to marry the man she loved named as Kalairaj, because he was distantly related to the family and married her to another man, who she stayed with for three years.


The pair together have a six-year-old but split when 26-year-old Sharmila could not stay away from Kalairaj and left her husband to be with him, a move which infuriated her family.


Sharmila moved away to the Sendurai in Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu State, south-eastern India, to be with her true love but after falling pregnant with his child, went back to see her family in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu State, South-eastern India while seven months gone.


But her family tried to keep the six-year-old and told Sharmila she would have to abort her pregnancy.


When she refused a huge row kicked off which is when she was attacked.


Police say they believe the killing was an accident.


One of the investigating officers, who has not been named said: "Her parents told her that her actions were humiliating for the family and that she can't take back her child. Sharmila in turn spoke back very disrespectfully to them. Angered by her words, her mother pushed her against the wall and she sustained head injuries. It was not intentional but she succumbed to the wounds."


An investigation has been launched this week into her alleged murder.


District Superintendent of Police Mohandass confirmed they have arrested her parents, named as Thangaraasu and Bhavani, on suspicion of her murder.

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