The roommate of British student Hannah Bladon who was stabbed to death on a tram in Jerusalem on Good Friday has revealed how she sent her a warning on the day she was killed.


German student Victoria, who shared a student flat with Miss Bladon at Hebrew University, revealed that she had been on a different tram in Jerusalem, one station ahead of Miss Bladon, at the time of the murder.


When news broke of the stabbing, she sent her friend an online message: "How are you Hannah? I saw that there was an attack on the light rail. Be careful," she wrote, unaware that she was already dead.


Miss Bladon, 20, was sharing the flat with Victoria and another female student from Germany, Christina. Both girls have admitted that they are struggling to come to terms with her death.


Victoria added: "I heard immediately that something had happened, but I never thought that Hannah would be involved in anything."


And, as she spoke to journalists in the flat that they had shared, she admitted: "It is really hard to look at her things."


Christina revealed that she last saw Miss Bladon on Good Friday morning when she left the flat.


She said: "I wished Hannah a happy Passover and she did the same and said that she was going to travel to celebrate in the Old City. That was the last time that we saw each other. She never returned from there."


Victoria and Christina have not yet decided whether they intend to remain in Israel and continue their studies.


Christina added: "I am really in shock and I am waiting to hear what the university says about our security.


"The first instinct is to fly back to the family in Germany, to hug them and tell them I am OK.


"On the other hand, I don’t want this terrible attack to stop me and spoil my studies."


Christina described her old roommate as being "full of compassion and caring toward people and animals", recalling how she would buy food for all of the cats in the student village.


She said that Miss Bladon told her that she had always wanted to travel to Israel, and described her as a "wonderful person" who would walk around the flat singing.


Victoria added: "She was an extremely relaxed person. I could look her in the eye and just relax. I cannot believe this happened to her, of all people. I can’t digest it."


Miss Bladon was living in dormitories at Hebrew University while on a semester-long placement from Birmingham University where she was studying religious studies and archaeology.


She was stabbed several times in the chest and died in hospital after being attacked on the tram in Jerusalem.


A 57-year-old Palestinian man with mental health problems was arrested at the scene. He told police he had attacked the student as he hoped the soldier standing next to her would kill him.

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