A dad punched his five-month-old daughter because her cries kept him awake at night and instantly killing the infant.


During the fateful night, the girl’s mother Dilma Minga Sejuro, 24, was trying to calm the baby when her partner Gilbert Guzman Sota, 25, got out of bed and struck his daughter. The blow he inflicted fractured her skull and she died instantly.


In his first statement to police, Guzman Sota said that he hit the child in the stomach. However, officials in Cayma, in the southern Peruvian department of Arequipa, recently concluded that the girl received a hard blow to the face, which was the cause of death.


The assault was reported by the baby’s mother and Jovita Guzman, Gilbert’s sister. Dilma told police that the child was crying while her partner was trying to sleep and, not being able to pacify her, the couple began to argue.


It was at this time that he got out of bed and punched the baby. When Dilma saw that her daughter was silent, she realised that she had stopped breathing and called her sister-in-law. They both went to the local police station to report the incident.


Gilbert Guzman Sota was arrested and gave the false statement that he struck his daughter in the stomach and not the head. Criminal prosecutor Eufracio Ticona said that Guzman Sota faces 25 years behind bars.

CEN/America Noticias
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