A chain of hairdressers for children has raised eyebrows by offering a Hitler Youth haircut for its young customers.


The Voobrazhulya (Smarty-pants) chain calls the hairstyle, with its distinctive side parting, the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth).


Shocked mum Olga Makarova shared pictures promoting the bad taste hairstyle on social media.


They show child models, all with short back and sides and side partings but thankfully no toothbrush moustaches.


Ms Makarova said: "You go there, get your child a haircut and explain the meaning of the name. Maybe I'm missing something?"


Her post sparked a lively debate online with most people shocked by their hairdressers' promotion.


Netizen ‘Evgeniy Primakov’ said: "Hmmmm…. Are they completely crazy?"


And ‘Elena Vihareva’ added: "I wish somebody could punch the owner’s face."


Initially, Voobrazhulya denied that it had ever offered such a hairstyle.


Spokeswoman Yana Vlasova said: "We don’t have a hairstyle like that. To be honest, it's the first I've heard about it."


But the firm later issued an apology to customers and promised that all catalogues featuring the haircut had been binned.


Hitlerjugend, or Hitler Youth, was the youth wing of the Nazi Party in Germany.


More than 20 million Russian servicemen and civilians were killed in World War II.

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