A British woman has accepted her Turkish boyfriend's romantic proposal of marriage written in flowers despite his spelling mistake.


Fatih Zencir, who works as a chef in the city of Bodrum in south-western Turkey's Mugla Province, surprised sweetheart Faiza Drid when she flew in to see him.


He was waiting for her at Milas-Bodrum Airport with his proposal, spelled out in white flower petals and decorated with lit candles.


"Will you merry me," the romantic, if miss-spelt, message read, in large capital letters on the ground of the arrivals lounge at the airport.


Clearly deciding that the intention was far more important than the spelling, his surprised girlfriend happily agreed to the proposal.


Miss Drid, a supermarket manager from London, emotionally hugged a relieved Mr Zencir as he produced a box containing her engagement ring.


He knelt down to put the ring on her finger as other passengers gave the happy couple a round of applause.


Mr Zencir said: "I met Faiza six months ago when she came to Bodrum on holiday to meet her friends here and we started a relationship.


"We stayed in touch online and by phone. I love her very much, she is the most perfect person I have ever met.


"I promised to spend the rest of my life with her. I have been planning this surprise all week."


And Miss Drid commented: "I didn’t expect the proposal at all. But I was glad to accept it, I am very happy."


Mr Zencir later took his new fiancee home in a VIP car he had rented for the occasion.

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