A stunning singer has become the envy of nursing mums around the world after regaining her curves just one week after giving birth.


Anna Sedakova, 34, has been snapped posing in a swimsuit just seven days after giving birth to her third child.


Ms Sedokova, from the Ukraine, and who moved to Los Angeles in order to give birth, did not wait long to hit the beach with her newborn son.


She wrote on her social media profile: "Baby is already two weeks old and we decided to go to a pool. Sun and palm trees. This is exactly what a mommy needs."


Netizens were amazed how good Ms Sedakova looks after giving birth.


‘rasnaya_nit_mechty’ said: "So beautiful and so cool."


And ‘nitanatutik’ added: "Oh… what a wonderful body for a mother of three. Good luck to you."


In one of her other posts she noted that her breasts have increased in size since the most recent birth.


Despite all the compliments Ms Sedakova believes that she is far from being in her ideal form - and is ready to fight for it.


She said: "There is a lot of hard work lying ahead because it is still unclear how my body will behave after giving birth to the third child. But I am determined, first of all I am doing it for myself."


The singer stressed that she is ready give up on all the sweets and unhealthy foods and is ready to move to a five-meal schedule per day, packed with healthy dishes such as salads and low-fat dishes.


She came to fame as a member of the sexy girl band trio, Nu Virgos, who were renowned for their provocative snaps and saucy videos.


She is the mother of two daughters, Alina, 12, and four-year-old Monica.

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