A former animal-phobic shows how conquering his fear has changed his life as he lets snakes slither over his head.


When Ferdi Demir tells you he was once terrified of all animals, you might think he's a bit of a hiss taker as a giant boa constrictor coils around him.


Bur Ferdi - from Samsun, Turkey - claims that just a few years ago any animal would have scared him stiff.


Now he cares for a menagerie of some of the most terrifying beasts on the planet including a boa, a python, a tarantuala and piranhas.


Ferdi explains that it was his daughter who persuaded him to conquer his phobia by first caring for a young monkey before moving on to a python.


He explained: "Afterwards I bought an aquarium with piranhas. Later I brought a boa snake 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) long.


"And then I bought a lizard and a tarantula."


But not all family members are happy with the suburban zoo, especially his wife, says Ferdi.


He explained: "She was especially scared of the tarantula.


"So I took all the animals and brought them to my friend’s workplace.


"I take care of them here. During the day I spend my time with the animals."


Now Ferdi is a regular along the local coastline taking his snakes and his lizard for a walk.


He explained: "Sometimes I put one of the snakes on my neck and take the other one on my arm. I also put the lizard in my hand and walk around the shore.


"At first people are frightened but then they come closer and pat the animals. Everybody knows my passion for wild animals now."

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