A cheeky cat who was filmed stealing a loaf of bread has won the heart of the internet.


Netizens have lined up offering to adopt the naughty moggy after he was filmed in a cute video stealing some bread and refusing to let go.


The funny incident was caught on camera by an eyewitness with a smartphone at a cat shelter in Russia's second city of St Petersburg and quickly went viral.


The ginger tabby, named Boris, snatched the bread from a table and carried it off to try and hide his haul.


A worker at the centre, named only as ‘50 Khvostikov’ (‘50 Tales’) tries to retrieve the bread but has no luck.


In the footage, the woman manages to grab hold of the end of the packet of bread but Boris is having none of it, and can be seen holding on for dear life.


She can be heard saying: "Boris let go of it, give it back to me, you stupid thing. What are you doing? Just give it back to me."


The woman tries to pry open the cat's jaws to get the bread back but Boris just hisses back at her.


The hilarious video continues with the exasperated woman saying to Boris: "You can't be serious."


Eventually, the woman lifts the bread up into the air but Boris hangs on and ends up dangling in mid-air.


And as she tries to shake off the cat, the plastic bag breaks, scattering slices of bread all over the floor.


She then calls Boris a "bad cat" but online netizens think he is anything but.


Animal lovers have fallen head over heels for Boris.


One said: "I would have him at my home and give him all of the bread he wanted."


Workers looking after Boris say they have been inundated with offers of homes for the funny moggy.


Oksana Antonova from the animal shelter said Boris was taken from a home where his owner was an alcoholic. He was starving and went hunting for food, but was chased by a stray dog and ended up at the shelter, who then took him in.


She said: "Boris got here last December. Together with my friend Lena we take animals, treat them for illnesses and find them new homes.


"He ran into our office trying to escape from a stray dog. He simply jumped on my lap. This is how he got there.


"Now people from England, Estonia, Thailand and even Latin America are ready to take him in. Currently we put his adoption on pause, as we are afraid that he might get in the wrong hands."

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