A rare Faberge egg and other valuable items have been unearthed in Kazakhstan after being stolen from Europe.


The huge haul was discovered in Almaty, southern Kazakhstan, and police say they have since arrested a "group" of people believed to be responsible.


Officers from the Department of Economic Crimes of Kazakhstan say the mob had smuggled antiques, jewellery, vintage wines and cognacs in the haul they uncovered, as well as the much sought after Faberge egg.


Officers say they believe most of the items are originally from Europe and the USA, with the price of the jewellery alone estimated to be worth 11 million USD (9 million GBP), although it is unclear which items this figure refers to specifically.


A famed Faberge egg is reportedly among the smuggled items, covered in precious stones and made out of sophisticated metals.


Other items include historic manuscripts, old armoury ammunition, and more than 70 bottles of old alcoholic beverages that range from 20 to 200 years old.


Experts are working to reveal what the entire haul is estimated to be worth in total.


Police say they are looking to press charges of 'economic smuggling committed by a group of persons on a preliminary conspiracy' against the group.


Netizens have since lined up to pass judgement on the case.


One named, ‘Vlad’, said: "I wonder how they arrested the group. Somewhere at a border or in some kind of a gallery maybe. Too little details."


The case is ongoing. So far no names have been released.

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