Medics have carried out life-saving surgery on an eight-year-old girl after she was hit on the head by a frying pan that fell from a tenth-floor window.


The incident which shocked the country happened when the youngster, Haziqa Ansari, was knocked unconscious as she walked home from school in the city of Mumbai, in western India's Maharashtra State.


That happened two weeks ago and medics said that the frying pan had smashed her skull, causing life-threatening injuries which they were not expecting her to recover from.


But as she battled to survive in intensive care, the shocking incident captured the imagination of the country and it was then revealed that medics at a hospital in Bombay had decided to carry out brain surgery as the only way to save her life. The operation had included the removal of fragments of bone from her skull that had got embedded in her brain.


And incredibly they say they are optimistic that she might now make a recovery after seeing signs that she was starting to come round after surgery.


Neurosurgeon Dr Keki Turel who was involved in the operation said that without surgery she would certainly have died. But they said she was still not out of the woods yet, and they were waiting to see what other consequences the young girl might have suffered when she came round by seeing her behaviour.


A second surgery that was planned after the first is now looking increasingly unlikely after she was also seen starting to move some of the limbs.


Police have confirmed they are investigating how the frying pan could have fallen out of the window, but say they currently have no leads as to who had dropped or thrown it.

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