A gang of brothers murdered their own sister after hearing a rumour that she had a boyfriend.


The four men carried out the "honour killing" by shooting their sister six times in the head and chest.


Married mother of two Ozlem Aykutlug, 35, asked them to "take good care of my children" before being murdered.


The brothers now face jail after admitting killing Ozlem and dumping her at the side of the road in Turkish capital Ankara.


A murder investigation was launched after Ozlem’s body was found riddled with bullets on the highway to Istanbul.


Ozlem was left living alone in Cemre, a village in Kars Province, north-eastern Turkey, after her husband Yildirim was sent to jail.


Rumours began to spread around the village that she was seeing another man, and these came to the attention of her family.


A meeting of the "family council" was held, and it was decided that Ozlem should be killed because of this "dishonour".


Her brothers put her in a car, saying that they were taking her to Istanbul, but Ozlem realised she was going to be murdered.


When she got in the car she told them: "I know that you are going to kill me, please take good care of my children, don’t turn them adrift."


After Ozlem’s body was found, police initially suspected her husband, who had allegedly been violent towards her and had escaped prison before her death.


But they then interviewed brothers, Ersin 37, Erol 32, Ferhat, 25 and Yasin Aykutlug, 29.


Each brother separately admitted to the crime before signing a joint statement saying: "When rumours spread that she had boyfriend the family council decided on execution.


"She has dishonoured our family, we do not regret."

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Author: Mert Su