Animals, drug, tear gas bombs, knives and smartphones were found inside prison cells in Guatemala during a police inspection operation.


Members of the Prison System department in Guatemala participated along with national police and the Army in an important operation inside prisons in order to keep control and set up new security protocols in jails all over the country.


In one of the prisons located in the department of Escuintla, in south-central Guatemala, police seized a raccoon and two iguanas from the prisoners. They also seized 37 mobile phones, two pounds of marijuana, two tear gas bombs, four DVD devices, and knives.


This prison has 2,984 inmates and was one of the prisons where the operation took place. Jorge Aguilar, spokesman for the police, said: "This operation is taking place in order to keep people safe over Easter."


He added that the same search will take place in other prisons around the country.


The prevention operation started yesterday (Wednesday) and will finish on Monday 17th April. The operation involved more than 75,000 people, among them 34,000 police officers and police also used a tank in order to maintain order outside of the prison.

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