A cheeky Italian volleyball team have celebrated their promotion by posing without any knickers on.


The USD Altair 1963 team, who are based in Vicenza, won the Serie D title this season and have now caused a splash with the risque snap.


The 13 players stripped down to only their sports bras and used well-placed volleyballs to retain their modesty as they posed in the dressing room.


Since posting the picture on their official Facebook page it has gone viral, with thousands of likes from fans across the world.


Above the photo of the smiling players, a caption reads: "There is little more to say, the game was  exciting and great participation!!!"


The snap has now been liked more than 2,000 times and shared nearly 300 times, with a further 319 comments.


Most of those have been positive with messages of congratulations flooding in.


Leo Eduardo wrote: "I find this photograph and smart and beautiful.. Carefree like the young age of these brave athletes that have managed to win a title with effort and sacrifice. I do not find it vulgar and if anybody has a problem, maybe the problem is inside them."


However some did not see the funny side, suggesting that


Nicola Imbriani wrote: "I don't agree with this picture, I'm sorry, but this is a serious issue for society. Almost showing something is worst than letting people see."


But Vanny Carron fired back: "Good girls! And if somebody wants to talk about sexism, don't even go to the beach in the summer."

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Author: Martina Salas

I am a journalist focus in human interest stories from Spain and Latin America.