Doctors removed a colossal 71.6-lb growth with a woman’s ovary during a three-hour operation.


A picture shows a surgeon holding the massive fibroid 32.5-kilogramme growth in both hands.


A team at Kuwait’s Maternity Hospital in the north of the country carried out the oophorectomy procedure, whereby an ovary and any associated growth is removed.


The woman had reported suffering pain in the left side of her abdomen, and had said that the agony was so severe that she could neither sleep nor eat.


The patient was not identified by name but obstetrics and gynaecology surgeon Dr Walid Fahad Al-Jassar said the 55-year-old patient had been discharged from hospital and that she was living her life symptom-free following the operation.


He said that she had approached the hospital after hearing media reports about a similar operation some time ago.


Dr Al-Jassar said X-rays allowed his team to pinpoint the fibroid before operating.


The tumour weighed 32.5 kilogrammes after the three-hour operation.


He added: "The patient was taken to the intensive care unit directly after the surgery for rest and further medical follow-up, considering the intensity of the operation."

CEN/Arab Times
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