Two teenage twins died following a horror gas explosion in their aunt’s home.


Twins Milan and Neda Pavlovic, 18, were the victims of the terrifying explosion which happened at their aunt's home in the city of Nis, the third largest city in Serbia, located in the southern part of the city.


The pair had enjoyed their birthday recently but did not have any time to live as adults after perishing in the tragedy this week.


The brother and sister voted for the first time on Sunday in the presidential election as legal adults and were due to graduate from high school in a month, with their family now speaking of their sadness that the pair will no longer go on to lead full lives.


Devastated aunt, Ivana Cvetanovic, said she noticed a strange smell coming from downstairs in her neighbour's flat and raised the issue with her, but it was ignored.


That smell turned out to be a gas cylinder leaking, which is believed to have caused the explosion which killed the twins and injured their mother Natasa. According to local media, their aunt Ivana Cvetanovic was also injured, as was Zorica Petrovic, 74, the woman living in the flat below, where the gas cylinders were stored. A passerby who happened to be walking by the house and named in reports as Dragomir Rasic, 84, was also injured. They were all treated in hospital for burn injuries, but none is in a life threatening condition.


The 50-year-old aunt, who is currently in hospital herself recovering from injuries to her legs, said: "Right after they were voting, they came to my house for lunch, happy that they are adult to decide and to vote. 15 minutes later an explosion occurred. Everything fell down on us. Our family was covered in black. It came from the flat below us.


"For days the gas smell was coming out of her flat. The neighbours warned her, but she was just turning her head the other way and was saying that there is no danger. But now my nephews are gone.


"I was preparing to welcome them to stay with me for two days, and now my angels are gone."


Ivana's son was also in the home but was not left seriously injured in the incident.


The huge explosion caused all of the windows to smash, with the noise heard from afar.


Emergency services were called to the scene and an investigation is ongoing, with investigators currently saying they believe the tragedy could have been avoided had the room with the gas cylinder been better ventilated.

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