A suspected kidnapper was lynched by an angry mob that accused him of trying to snatch a little girl.


The vigilante mob executed the man who they believed was responsible for snatching children from a busy market while their parents were distracted.


The angry mob meted out "jungle justice" in the Igalamela-Odolu area of Kogi State, central Nigeria.


The man was allegedly attempting to abduct a little girl when a winemaker caught him in the act.


He raised the alarm and local youths ran to the scene, chasing down the unidentified man.


They allegedly caught him attempting to escape town with the little girl at which point they carried out their terrible revenge.


The gang stripped him naked and tied his legs with a cable so he could not run away.


The man was then savagely beaten with sticks and other weapons as he lay helpless in the dirt.


By the time police reached the man, a member of the Fulani people, he had already died of his injuries.


Nigeria is well known for its brutal mob justice, as gangs take the law into their own hands.


The capital of Lagos has seen a number of high profile lynchings, but the public killings also occur in rural areas such as Kogi State, where most of the economy is based on agriculture.


Kogi State is best known as the childhood home of former Newcastle striker Shola Ameobi.


Ameobi made more than 300 appearances for the Magpies after leaving Nigeria for England when he was five-years-old.