A Turkish cake maker has been named the best in Europe for an astonishingly intricate recreation of a traditional bazaar.


Chef Metin Tasci, from the city of Bursa in north-western Turkey, modelled his cake on his city's famous Covered Bazaar.


It features dozens of individual figures jostling with each other and haggling with stallholders in the crowded market.


And it earned Mr Tasci the honour of being named Europe's top cake maker in an international contest held in the country's largest city of Istanbul.


He said that his cake was made entirely from natural ingredients and that he had been preparing for the competition for one month.


Mr Tasci said: "I had only one aim - to make Bursa’s name known in the cake world.


"I worked hard for this. I love painting and art, I took the bazaar as my inspiration and, thus, the name of the cake was Tuesday Bazaar.


"I took care even of the smallest details. I put everything that can be found in a real actual bazaar. And this brought us success!"


More than 1,200 chefs from 25 countries competed in 80 categories in the International Gastronomy Festival organised by the Turkey Cooks and Chefs Federation.


Mr Tasci, who works for Rihtim Pastry Shops, beat rivals from countries including the UK, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal to take the award for the best cake.

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Author: Mert Su