Russian celeb starlets are having so much plastic surgery and careful styling that they are virtually indistinguishable.


Pictures show a variety of Russian blonde bombshells all with the same inflated lips, heavy brows and sculpted cheekbones framed by tumbling curls.


The other look Russia’s young lovelies converge on is the brunette-next-door template.


Again, pictures show multiple starlets looking virtually identical with long dark hair, full lips and carefully shaped brows.


In February Victoria Bonya, Svetlana Loboda and Victoria Lopyreva shared their pictures on social media where they look like twins.


Recently Victoria Lopyreva posted a hot picture of herself and her followers showered compliments on her as usual.


But another Russian beauty Victoria Bonya had already shared a similar picture with her followers, where she had exactly the same hair and makeup.


Later singer Svetlana Loboda shared a picture with the same makeup and hair. The three ladies look like identical triplets.


That is why Victoria Bonya decided to leave the "band" and changed her hair colour, while Ms Loboda stuck to the twin style.


Another group of porcelain blondes have identical lips, cheekbones, long lashes and flawless hairstyles: model Alena Shishkova, singer Erika Gertseg and Evgenia Feofilaktova.


Russian celebrities sporting the brunette-next-door look include Katya Zhuzha, Mishanya, Viktoria Romanets and Nelli Ermolaeva, all showing off their long dark hair, pouty lips, fake lashes and silicone breasts.

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Author: David Rogers