Vladimir Putin now has his own perfume for women who "admire" the Russian leader.


The new fragrance has gone on sale at a Moscow department store overlooking the Red Square.


Only 1,500 bottles of the perfume, which was inspired by the Russian President, have been made.


The essence, called Russian Woman, was created by perfume company Leaders, and retails for up to 170 GBP.


But Russian patriots will be disappointed to learn that the fragrance was concocted in France.


Brand head, Maxim Fomichev, said: "Our President is very courageous, a true leader.


"Russia, as a woman, is standing behind her leader. This was the idea that inspired the creators of the perfume."


The 100-ml bottle is sold at a price of 7,500 RUB (100 GPB) but there is a special wooden box edition for 12,500 RUB (170 GPB).


It is on sale at GUM - a department store in the Russian capital which was formally state run.


Leaders have previously launched a scent called Number One - for men want to show their support for Putin.


But this is the first time that women will be able to do the same.


The perfume company went through 17 different fragrances before settling on the final recipe.


Maxim added: "We sold 500 perfumes within a week. We have also orders from London, Ukraine and other countries."


One of the perfumes has already been sent to Maria Zakharova, the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.


Part of the profits of the perfume will go to help female Russian athlete Tatiana Subbotina cover her medical expenses.


She needs surgery after losing feeling in her legs six years ago.

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Author: David Rogers