A former Serbian war crime suspect standing for President has promised he would build a minefield to keep migrants out of his country.


Candidate Voislav Seselj had been accused of stoking up "murderous" ethnic tensions with his rabble-rousing politics following the collapse of the Yugoslavian state.


Seselj - Serbia's former Deputy Prime Minister - was acquitted of nine indictments last year.


But now he claims Serbia should follow in the footsteps of Hungary's controversial Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who once branded refugees "poison".


He told a TV discussion where he launched his presidential bid: "If the border is in danger, than you build a wall."


But he added: "If the barbed wire is not enough, than you put a minefield.


"People can cross the border only on the border crossings and nowhere else can a person find a place to cross over."


The 68-year-old candidate also promised to boost police and army recruitment.


He said: "We also need to take back the army to the borders and the police forces too.


"We have to increase the number of the forces if needed.


"The border should be secured completely, so no one can enter in Serbia trough illegal passages."


Seselj - leader of the Serbian far-right Radical Party - spent ten years behind bars at the Hague before he was finally cleared of war crimes.


There are estimated to be 110 million landmines currently buried around the world.


Care.org reports that one person is killed by a landmine on average once every 15 minutes.

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