Plans have been unveiled to redevelop one of Germany's most infamous walking paths - an 8-mile route which leads from Adolf Hitler's former mountain residence to the Eagle's Nest.

Authorities say they will renovate the stretch of land which was a stomping ground of the former Führer.
Hitler owned a residence called the Berghof in Obersalzberg, a mountainside retreat situated above the market town of Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps, where he spent most of his time, together with his mistress Eva Braun and their dog Blondie.
A nearby path leads to the mountaintop Kehlsteinhaus, now a tea house but which is more popularly known as the "Eagle's Nest", and part of the beaten down route is set to be renovated and widened under plans.
The Bavarian State Forestry say this 8-mile stretch is the most challenging to upkeep out of their entire 13,000 miles of estate that they manage as it is regularly used by people and is hard to keep nice with the walkway being so narrow.
Chairman Martin Neumeyer said the walkway is regularly used by mums with pushchairs, bikes and walkers but the paths are "far too narrow and too light to handle modern and heavy forestry machines."
The group put forward plans in 2014 to widen the paths to at least 10 feet but they were immediately countered by a citizens' initiative which called for a more careful use of the beloved routes which were built by thousands of workers from Mussolini's Italy in 1937.
Unable to reach a compromise, only three miles of the pathway has been broadened and renovated in recent years, with the forestry having given up on its initial plans.
Now an expert has been called in to compile a report saying the walkway must be lined again if it is to continue to be used.
Builders will re-tar along the entire length of the path, which has been agreed by both locals and the forestry commission.
County commissioner Georg Grabner as well as Forestry boss Neumeyer praised the compromise, with local Green politician and spokesman for the citizens' initiative Bartl Wimmer also saying he is "delighted" that the "old state of the roads will be preserved."

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Author: David Rogers

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