Cardboard cut outs of US President Donald Trump and football stars Messi and Ronaldo will be set on fire in a popular festival in Spain.


The traditional festival of Las Fallas takes place every March in the city of Valencia, in the eastern Spanish region of the same name. Considered a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity, the festival celebrates the arrival of spring with fireworks, parties and bonfires made by large puppets called Ninots.


The cardboard figures are made by artists to be burnt in the large bonfires during the festivities from 15th March until 19th March.


FC Barcelona striker Leo Messi and Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo will play a leading role in one of the 'ninots'. A picture shows the figures of the two players in caricature. The Portuguese captain Ronaldo stands behind Messi holding the Golden Ball which has banknotes coming out of its mouth.


The figure of Donald Trump shows him with his hand ‘strategically’ placed on a tall curvy dark-skinned woman. Below is a sign saying: "I will wait for you, on the other side of the wall."


Game of Thrones will also have their own 'ninot’, all of which will be displayed at the science museum in a special exhibition, until it is time for them to be set alight.

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Author: José Ramón Sánchez-Fortún

JR Sanchez-Fortun has been a freelance reporter covering Spain and South America for five years. He works for both Spanish and English language media, and his focus is on sport and in particular football.