Horrific snaps have gone viral online which appear to show a man on the brink of death with a knife protruding from his stomach.


The stomach churning images made their way online and quickly caught the attention of netizens around the world.


In pictures, the man can be seen standing in the street wearing a white top which is completely drenched in his own blood.


The snaps appear to show how the man was stabbed in the stomach but is still standing as the weapon remains stuck in his abdomen.


The unnamed man was found wandering the streets in the town of Akokwa in the south-eastern Nigerian Imo state.


An eyewitness named Ikedichukwu Ugwuezeah took the picture and shared it on social media, where a huge number of people commented on the gruesome sight.


Netizens lined up to pass comment with many saying they believe the man was a magician and had created a trick himself in a bid to lure local people into paying him money.


One netizen named 'Chijenny Nwosu' said: "I know dis bro wt is wrong with him (sic)" while another, going by the name 'Micheal Munachi' added sceptically: "Let him open the stomach let's see."


It is unclear how the man ended up with the blade in his stomach, whether it was a trick and if not, whether he survived. It is also unclear if police are investigating.