When figure skater Cintia Szucs wanted to create a stunning performance for a new video, Swan Lake might have been appropriate.


But on this stage in Balatonfured, Hungary, the only problem is that you might get put off by the odd real life swan.


The 54 second long video - called Curves - was filmed on the breathtakingly beautiful frozen Lake Balaton.


The lake - the largest in central Europe - has 197 kilometres of coastline and in summer it is one of the region's holiday hot spots.


But at this time of year it is frozen solid with night-time temperatures of minus five degrees Celsius.


The mini-movie - made by Shine Art Studio - has clocked up nearly 80,000 views and around 800 shares on social media.


One of the members of its creative team, Bianka Fenesi, told local media: "We started at dawn but there were many people on the ice.


"Later some fog came in but we did not mind, because it fitted in so well with the planned production."

CEN / Shine Art Studio
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Author: Victoria Milton