A homeless woman was burnt to death after she tried to light a fire using petrol to keep herself warm in freezing temperatures.

The woman, who has not been named, went up in flames after she accidentally set herself alight as she used a gasoline canister to try and keep warm in the cold winter nights.
The horrific incident happened in the Favoriten neighbourhood of the Austrian capital of Vienna under a spiral staircase under a bridge in the city, where she and another man were sleeping rough.
According to police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger, the woman died from her burns but the man, who was also not named, was rushed to hospital and is currently fighting for his life.
Keiblinger said: "We know that the two victims had bought one and a half litres of gasoline at a nearby petrol station, which they filled into an empty bottle of ice tea."
He said emergency crews were called to the blaze after being alerted to it by members of the public.
Firefighters, police and ambulance units were sent to the scene to find the two on the ground completely engulfed in flames and the fire out of control.
He said the woman sadly lost her life at the scene and the homeless man was rushed to a nearby hospital where he underwent emergency surgery for his burns.
Keiblinger continued: "The outcome of the surgery is unfortunately uncertain."
Experts are still looking into the incident, but it is believed it was an unfortunate accident although it remains unclear how exactly the woman caught fire.

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Author: David Rogers

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