Hipster clothes retailer Urban Outfitters has come under fire for selling T-shirts branded with the logo of one of Spain’s major political parties.


It means hipsters wearing the brand’s range may unwittingly be showing support for the centre-left Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE).


The fist and rose logo featured on Urban Outfitters’ shirts was designed for the party in 1977 by painter Jose Maria Cruz Novillo.


The party still uses a very similar logo today.


The shirts are not on sale in Spanish branches of Urban Outfitters but can be bought via the brand’s online retail service for 34 to 39 USD (27.33 to 31.44 GBP).


They came to the attention of Spanish media when a social media user pointed it out and some Spaniards were outraged that an American firm had used the Spanish logo in its constant quest to be edgy and cool.


Originally part of the Stussy brand aimed at surfers, Urban Outfitters have now put the fist and rose shirts, which come in two colours, in their mainstream collection.


Some sources inside the party say it is considering legal action against Urban Outfitters for the unauthorised use of its logo.


Philadelphia-based Urban Outfitters was also involved in a controversy after launching shirts featuring the slogans "depression" and "eat less" which some feared glamorise and encourage dark thoughts and eating disorders.

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Author: Ana LaCasa Martinez

Ana Lacasa Martinez has been a freelance reporter and correspondent covering Spain and South America for eight years, and has worked for many UK nationals including the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and the Sun. She is completely fluent in both Spanish and English, and is also an experienced news photographer.