Hero firefighters rescued 19 terrified children from their school bus when it was trapped by floods after a river burst its banks.


The youngsters were stranded in Andagoia village, in northern Spain, after the bus driver ignored flood warning signs.

The engine stalled as the bus tried to drive through water about one metre (three feet three inches) deep under a bridge.

Firemen waded through the water to carry the frightened youngsters - who were aged from just one-year-old to ten - to safety.

And they used a dinghy to take some of the youngest pupils, who were on their way home from nursery school, to dry land.

Officials said that all of the youngsters had survived the ordeal unharmed. Two adults were also rescued from the bus.

A replacement bus was called in so that the children could continue their journey home from primary school and nursery school, say police.

Part of the village had been closed to traffic after the local Bayas River burst its banks following torrential rain.

Police say the coach driver ignored temporary 'no entry' and detour signs, plunging straight into the water where the bus' engine flooded.

Officers said the bus driver has been fined for ignoring traffic signs.

Andagoya, which lies in the valley of Cuartango, was the birthplace of the Spanish explorer Pascual de Andagoya.

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Author: Martina Salas

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