Ex-Miss Nigeria UK says that women should pretend their vaginas are worth 500 million USD.


Dabota Lawson, who is the ex-Miss Nigeria UK, took to Snapchat to give advice to her female followers, saying women should "value their vaginas" and pretend it is worth 500 million USD (400,000 GBP).


She said women should realise their vaginas "shouldn't be given up easily" and they should make men work for it.


She said: "Ladies learn to pretend and believe in your mind that your vagina is worth something of value.


"Pretend it is a 500 million USD bill. Will you just give a man a 500 million USD bill for free or be displaying it anyhow?"


The beauty entrepreneur said she has now officially filed for divorce from her billionaire husband, Sunny Aku, and said he did not like the fact that she did not go "begging" when he left her.


The new mum, who gave birth in October last year, said no man should have a hold over a woman.


After winning the title of Miss Nigeria UK, Dabota returned to her native Nigeria and married Igbo-born billionaire businessman and the CEO of Novena Majesty Furniture, Sunny Aku.


Just two years into their marriage, the pair split up and now are trying to remain friends.


Miss Nigeria UK is held alongside the Mr Nigeria UK competition and is an annual event held every October, which is also the month Nigeria celebrates its independence.


The showcase is aimed at "empowering and enriching" Nigerian culture for those born and living in the UK to connect them with their roots.