Animal lovers are urging the police to act after a poor dog almost died in its desperation to escape from a dog pound.


The stray dog had been rounded up by dog wardens in the city of Omsk in central Russia's Omsk Oblast region.


It tried to squeeze between the bars of the pound to escape - but ended up with its back legs trapped.


It left the poor animal hanging from the bars with a dislocated thigh, bleeding and in obvious pain.


But the dog carried on trying to get free, losing most of the nails from its paws as it tried to scrabble free from its trap.


Nearby residents heard the dog's howls of pain and approached the female guard in charge of the dog pound and urged her to act.


But she reportedly told them that nobody was allowed to enter the pound until somebody came to feed the dogs the following day.


In the end, animal rights activists took the law into their own hands by breaking into the pound, freeing the dog and taking it to a local animal shelter.


Activist Tatiana Dougina, who is also head of the 'Friend' animal shelter, said: "I had to climb over the fence to get the poor dog out.


"The dog was completely exhausted, he didn't even react to the pain when I pulled him free from the bars. He was just hanging there lifeless."


The dog is now being treated by the shelter's vets for his dislocated thigh, severe bruising and his injured paws.


Animal rights activists have appealed to the local prosecutors' office to investigate the incident.