A creative chef wowed punters with his super knife skills when he turned this radish into an unbelievable work of art.


The unnamed Japanese head chef turned the vegetable into a perfectly-linked chain and filmed the impressive stunt, much to the delight of social media users.


Uploaded to social media by user ‘Zoe Aishiteru’, users lined up to ask how it was possible to create the shape with just a knife.


One netizen, named ‘Martinees’, wrote: "Wow he is very good with knife. I would like to go to his restaurant, but the pretty daikon (Japanese for radish) is too pretty to eat."


Another user said the radish should be framed and placed in the entrance of the restaurant to show prospective customers how good the chefs are.


The video shows the chef carefully slicing sections of the radish as he begins his stunt.


He then uses his skills to cut out specific chunks of the vegetable which results in the finished masterpiece.


But not all were impressed with the "work of art."


One netizen said: "What a waste of a vegetable," while another commented: "He did this because he was bored? The restaurant can't be that busy, how much free time does he have?"

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Author: Gabriel Zamfir