You can give more than just your heart to your valentine this year - these chocolate moulds let you give your stomach, intestines and lungs too!


Japanese novelty store Village Vanguard is selling these silicone moulds sure to provoke some kind of emotional reaction in your loved one, even if it is not unbridled lust.


The retailers recommend using pinkish strawberry chocolate for the most realistic effect as you cook up some desire by moulding organs.


Pictures of chocolate treats served on a tray of strawberry jelly look like they could be straight out of an operating theatre but the retailer insists they are just pink chocolate made using their moulds.


And if your amour has an even stronger stomach, and if you are sure the relationship is rock-solid, you can even mould them some chocolate maggots.


For the truly unshockable lover, Village Vanguard is also offering chocolate poo and you can even get a chocolate anus.


Their website offers organs at 1,296 JPY (9.25 GBP) and poos at 972 JPY (6.93 GBP).


But shop carefully, or you could end up back on the dating scene if your lover fails to see the funny side.


On the other hand, it is a great way of weeding out any boyfriends/girlfriends without a great sense of humour - and if they decline the gift and leave you single, at least you will still have the chocolate to cheer you up.

CEN/Village Vanguard
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Author: Gabriel Zamfir