A teenage girl trapped in the body of a grandmother got her 18th birthday wish and partied with the President.


The tragic teen has a rare condition which means she ages at an incredible speed and already looks like an old woman.


Ontlametse Phalatse, from Hebron, near Pretoria, capital of South Africa, was told she would not live beyond the age of 13.


But she defied the odds to turn 18 - and said she wanted to celebrate with South African President Jacob Zuma.


Brave Ontlametse - whose nickname is the "The First Lady" - said meeting the President was on her bucket list.


Ontlametse said: "I call myself a first lady because I’m the first black child with this disease.


"Which other black child do you know with this disease?"


Ontlametse was diagnosed with Progeria in 2009, which is sometimes known as the "Benjamin Button" disorder after the Brad Pitt movie.


She battled against the genetic condition to complete her high school education and says that she wants to become a motivational speaker and life coach.


President Zuma was visibly moved by Ontlametse’s story, as he posed for pictures with her.


He said: "She is so bubbly and articulate, a clear indication that she doesn’t feel pity for herself.


"I must say I am really inspired by her attitude and fighting spirit."


Ontlametse’s family have started a trust to help her fund the treatment she needs to keep her alive.


But they say that they do not have enough financial support to cover all her medical and transport expenses.


The family appealed to the South African government and public to help the Ontlametse Trust.


And President Zuma pledged that his own foundation would look into assisting them.

CEN / SABC Digital News/ @ntlami