Too-Skinny Model Wows With Fuller Bust

A model once accused of being too skinny sparked speculation of a boob job by showing off a new fuller bust.


Miss Russia runner-up 2012 Alena Shishkova, 24, surprised her followers with a saucy photo revealing her fulsome cleavage.


The model’s breasts seem to be a lot larger than they used to be, which immediately sparked speculation that a plastic surgeon is behind her new fuller figure rather than a sudden interest in eating more.


Many fans noticed the change but some were kinder than others in their reactions.


‘ka_bilodope’ said: "So skinny and so beautiful. Amazing."


But ‘mikki128128’ noted: "Your tits look bigger than your head."


‘georgetop00’ noted: "You should have made your boobies even bigger. The more the merrier."


The model says she is sick of getting abuse for having a skinny frame and has called on trolls to get off her back over the issue.


In response to those who said she was too thin, Miss Shishkova has always said she simply has the kind of metabolism that makes it hard for her to put on weight.


She said that she loves nothing more than tucking into plates of meat and fruits and was watching her diet and doing exercise to remain healthy.


Magazines have previously described her as an "anorexic alien lookalike" with arms and legs "like twigs."