Sexy Miniskirted Bus Driver Is A Traffic-Stopper

A miniskirted trolleybus driver gave passengers an eyeful when she climbed on the roof of her vehicle to fix it.


The woman’s trolleybus ground to a halt on a route in Moldovan capital Chisinau.


But she had no need to wait for a mechanic to come and help her.


She just hitched up her skirt, clambered on to the roof and got on with the job.


The resulting pic went viral as people admired her slender pins as much as her mechanical skills.


After climbing on the roof she noticed that the rods connecting the bus to the overhead power cables were not making proper contact.


Despite seeming to struggle with her miniskirt she managed to make the on-street repair without mishap.


The Chisinau trolley bus network spans 24 lines and 153 miles throughout the city.


It replaced the old electric tram network which was badly damaged during WW2 and which was scrapped shortly afterwards.


An average of 250,000 people a day ride the network which is known for its reliability.


Now it is famous for something else – sexy bus drivers in short skirts who aren’t just a pretty face.