Officials Trap Giant Killer Croc They Think Ate Teen

A giant crocodile said to have eaten a teenager has been trapped by wildlife officials in southern Mexico.


Horrified friends watched the 18-year-old man being dragged away by a 10-foot (3-metre) crocodile while they dived for fish in the La Encrucijada wildlife reserve on Sunday.


Now experts from the region's National Commission of Natural Protected Areas believe they have captured the killer croc.


A team of 11 used fresh meat to lure and trap the crocodile before binding it and wrapping it so it could not move.


The male croc - caught close to where its victim was snatched - was so large it took four men just to sit on it to hold it down.


Experts measured the giant carnivore at 10 feet 1 inch, or 3.32 metres.


Scientist will now examine the contents of the beast's stomach to see if it contains human remains.


Because crocodiles are endangered and protected, it will not be killed but transferred to either a zoo or a less public area.


Local media blamed the death on the victim and his friends for fishing in a place that is well-known for crocodile activity.


Officials have now warned people not to approach crocodiles, not to touch them or to feed them.


One said: "Do not bring your pets with you as they are an easy prey for them. Swim only in the recommended areas. Be informed in order to avoid accidents."