Politicians Son Accused Of Torturing Man To Death

A politician's son has been accused of torturing a man to death in a horrific car drag following a row over cricket.


The 26-year-old  man was attacked with swords before being tied to the back of a car and dragged through the streets until he bled to death in the grisly prolonged attack in Saketri village in the city of Panchkula, Haryana State, Northern India.


A councillor's son has now been arrested and accused of the grisly murder, with police claiming he started the attack with six other men.


Local Municipal Councillor Kuljeet Badaich's child Manmeet Singh Badaich, known as Monty, has been arrested along with the other men after the victim -  Varinder Singh Sandhu's family complained to police.


Varinder's uncle Jail Singh said: "Varinder Singh Sandhu, 26, was at home when the accused Manmeet Singh Badaich alias Monty stormed the house with half-dozen other men.


"They dragged the victim and attacked him with swords. He was thrown inside a duct and then dragged.


"Holding his leg, they dragged him up to 1.5 kilometre (almost 1 mile) towards Chandigarh and then abandoned him in a serious condition."


Varinder was living with his widowed mum and uncle when the attack happened.


It is alleged he had a normal life but had had a row with Monty during a cricket match.


Varinder's uncle said he and the boy's mum tried to stop the mob when they stormed the house, but they were outnumbered.


They screamed for help from neighbours but he said no one wanted to risk their own safety as the attackers were armed with swords and guns.


Varinder's cousin Hardeep continued: "Manmeet Singh Badaich alias Monty and his gang members fled after seriously injuring Varinder. His face was beyond recognition. He was taken to PGI Chandigarh (hospital) but later succumbed to his injuries.


"We want justice as the police is working under the influence. The accused is the son of a municipal councillor."


The devastated family fear a cover-up and they took to the streets to protest this week, blocking the well-used Panchkula-Chandigarh road and demanding immediate action from police.


The blood stains still stretch across the Chandigarh-Saketri Road in which the boy died.


Police confirmed the investigation is ongoing.